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 Managing Your Website

We realize that our clients have better things to do than spending hours updating their website. So we use a content management system technology that makes updating your website super easy, even for our non-technical clients.

Ease of Management

The list of features at your disposal is virtually endless, but here are a few key features included with all our websites:

  • Requires ZERO HTML or website management experience. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can edit your website.
  • No special software is required to make updates. All updates are made by logging directly into your website and making them on the spot.
  • Add new pages to your website in 2 clicks! Simply enter the name of the new page and select where you want it in the navigation. Your website will automatically modify all the navigation and apply all graphics to the new page.
  • All content on your site has an edit button right next to it, when you log in as an administrator, making editing a snap!
  • Point-and-click security system allows you to designate other users as site administrators to edit designated areas of your website. For instance, a user can be given access to only post items on the event calendar.
  • Edit your website from your, desktop, laptop, web enabled phone or iPad. Saved updates are instantly visible worldwide.
  • Robust SQL database backend stores all your critical data and allows you to change information at any time.
  • Layout manager allows you to select


If you host your website with us, we provide bumper-to-bumper support for all purchased modules for the life of your hosting. 90% of our customers never have to spend another dime on their websites since we walk you through most updates at no additional cost. We don't outsource support, our clients speak directly with Prather Creations support staff, who are highly versed with our technology. If we can't solve your problem immediately, we let you get on with your day and call you back once a solution has been found!


Our technology grows as your company grows. Through the use of plug-ins, virtually any functionality you can imagine can be added to your website long after it has been launched. If you buy decide to start selling products online, we can drop in an e-Commerce module, or if you need to accept registrations for events online, we can add our Event Management module. Some of our modules include:

  • Document Management
  • e-Commerce
  • Event Registration
  • Calendars
  • Announcements
  • Electronic Forms
  • E-Mail Blast
  • Photo Gallery (Automatically imports from Flickr or Picasa)
  • YouTube Videos
  • PayPal payments
  • Blog
  • Contact Us Form
  • Guestbook
  • Message Forums

Please view the Features dropdown for live samples of some of our modules.


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