Sunday, March 24, 2019

 Bulk E-Mail Innovative Features

Our Bulk E-Mail module keeps you connected with your clients by allowing you to very easily send out mass e-mails to all registered users of your website. A few of the features include:

  • Really simple e-mail interface, which allows mass e-mails to be sent directly to your registered users.
  • Send mass e-mails by group (i.e. site administrators, employees, board members, officers, all registered users, and more. Point-and-click security system allows you to specify users that belong in these groups and more!
  • Web users can update their own e-mail addresses, so you don't have to manually manage any distribution lists.
  • Personalize each e-mail by using simple "tokens" to add each user's name to the e-mail.
  • Website sends e-mail 1 at a time from you, to each recipient, significantly reducing the likelihood that your e-mail will be flagged as spam or bulk mail.
  • Add pictures to your e-mail and use special text formatting.
  • Add live hyperlinks directly to pages or files on your website.

See a sample of the mass e-mail form below:


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